‘Silicon Valley Cast’ on Zach Woods’ On-Set Nickname and Why They Need ‘Bloops’ (Exclusive Video)

Fourth season of the hit HBO comedy airs on Sunday

Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani’s characters in “Silicon Valley” are known to hurl hilarious but demeaning insults at each other, but in reality, the cast had a pretty amusing nickname for Zach Woods’ character — but showrunners thought it was too mean to use on the show.

“We really did do a weird little jokey catchphrase that we all were saying to your character over and over again, and they were like, ‘guys, stop, it’s too mean,” Starr, who plays Gilfoyle, told Woods in an interview with TheWrap.

“We called him a fat little girl,” added Nanjiani, who stars as Dinesh.

The guys revealed that while Gilfoyle and Dinesh pretty much hate each other in the show, the cast has a lot of fun on set, especially when they can’t finish a scene because they are laughing too hard.

“It does happen a lot,” said Nanjiani, to which Starr added, “I’m sure the crew hates us for it.”

“I know, because we are having like the best time and people are like, ‘it’s been 14 hours!’” said Nanjiani.

And because the actors have so much fun on set, all they want are bloopers — or “bloops,” according to Nanjiani.

“I’ve been begging Mike Judge, please release these bloopers!” Thomas Middleditch, who plays Pied Piper CEO Richard Hendricks, said. “He seems open to it.”

And while Woods’ character Jared/O.J./Donald has an extreme sense of loyalty towards Richard, he promises it’s not that way in real life.

“In real life, I am a saboteur in Thomas’ life,” he joked, to which Middleditch said, “He’s my Newman!’

“Silicon Valley,” which also stars T.J. Miller, Matt Ross, Amanda Crew, Josh Brener and Suzanne Cryer, returns to HBO on Sunday for its fourth season.

“I anticipated 12,” Starr said when asked whether the cast expected four seasons when they signed on for the show. And apparently, because of that, Starr bought four boats (not actually).

Tune in on Sunday, and watch the cast tease the fourth season here.