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Watch the Video for Silk Sonic’s Awesome New Song ‘Skate’ (Video)

Hey there, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, we see you

It’s been five months since Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars blew everyone’s minds with the reveal that they’d formed a supergroup during the pandemic, and almost as long since they released their great debut track, “Leave the Door Open.” We’ve had nothing new from them since then, which if you ask us, is an insanely long time to have to wait.

Fortunately that’s over for now, because Silk Sonic (FINALLY) dropped a brand new song, “Skate,” late Thursday night. And yes, in case you can’t get your volume working, it’s G-R-E-A-T. But don’t take our word for it — watch the official video, co-directed by Mars, Florent D├ęchard and Philippe Tayag, at the top of the page right now.

The track, influenced by mid-’70s R&B and disco, is gunning hard for the “song of the summer” title, and to be honest, the video alone ought to clinch it. But the song is dope too, and if you disagree, it’s just proof that you’re terrible and ought to be ashamed. We kid, we kid, but after a long, stressful couple of years, we needed something like Silk Sonic. Here’s hoping we’ll get their next single — and a full album — sooner than later.