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‘Simpsons’ Showrunner Jokes That 17 People Were Fired Over This Huge Mistake From 23 Years Ago

”Yes of course I’m kidding it was actually EIGHTEEN,“ Matt Selman tweets

“The Simpsons” writers and producers were just tipped off to a continuity error more than 20 years after the fact when the daughter of one of the executive producers pointed out the mistake to her father.

On Tuesday, executive producer Matt Selman tweeted a screenshot of the 1995 episode “And Maggie Makes Three,” which was a flashback episode from the show’s sixth season centered on Maggie’s birth.

In the still from a scene where Marge tells Homer that she’s pregnant with their third child, a photo of Maggie can be seen hanging on the wall behind her.

“Canon is is ruins!” showrunner Al Jean tweeted, later adding, “I hope you’re happy because we just fired SEVENTEEN people for that blunder. Fired. Through. Done.”

Some commenters have suggested alternate explanations for the framed picture. Perhaps it’s an old photo of Lisa wearing clothes that would later go to Maggie as hand-me-downs. Or maybe it’s just Homer being an unreliable narrator. Or is it another secret baby?

Written by Jennifer Crittenden, “And Maggie Makes Three” sees Homer explain to Bart and Lisa why there are no photos of their sister in the family photo album. He explains that Homer had quit his job at the power plant, but the unexpected pregnancy forced him to return to work, where he hung all the baby pictures of Maggie on the wall.