Siri-Like Phone Assistant Is Out for Blood in Slasher Movie ‘AMI’ Trailer (Exclusive Video)

Horror film starring Debs Howard and Sam Robert Muik launches for international sales in Berlin this week

Hey AMI, who should I kill today?

According to Hollywood, technology has been trying to kill us for decades now — whether it’s HAL 9000 or Skynet — but in a new horror film called “AMI,” it’s your smart phone’s A.I. assistant, not unlike the Siri or Alexa currently sitting in your pocket, that does the dirty work.

TheWrap has the exclusive first look trailer for the film, which stars Debs Howard (“iZombie”) as Cassie, a high school student who customizes her new artificial intelligence assistant AMI to have a voice that sounds eerily like her deceased mother. As Cassie’s relationship deepens with AMI, her device starts convincing her to perform heinous acts of violence. Now how’s that for a software update?

“Don’t listen to your phone,” an unlucky boyfriend says to Cassie in the trailer.

Rusty Nixon (“Residue”) directs the film with a story from Evan Tylor and James Clayton. It also stars “Riverdale’s” Sam Robert Muik, Phil Granger, Havana Guppu and Bonnie Hay as the voice of AMI.

The film comes from IndustryWorks Studios, who launched the trailer Wednesday, and the company’s Caterina Scrivano is handling the international sales, launching the film to buyers at the Berlin International Film Festival this week.

Watch the exclusive first trailer for “AMI” above.