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‘Skyfall’ Stuntman Damien Walters Lands Backflip Over Speeding Formula Race Car (Video)

The car was speeding toward him at 60 mph, but Damien Walters landed his stunt without effort

Hollywood stuntman and Daniel Craig‘s “Skyfall” double Damien Walters backflipped over a Formula E car without effort, although the racer was speeding toward him at 60 mph.

Walters dubbed the stunt “Leap of Faith,” saying, “I have done some other crazy things, but this was definitely one of the worst for sure. Had I jumped too early, I would have hit the back of the car with my head, and if I jumped too late, the car would have hit my legs.”

In the video, we can see Walters preparing for the jump several times, performing the flip beside the moving car, until he perfected the jump and landed the dangerous dismount.

Walters has also performed dangerous stunts before, including leaping from one car to another while his body was on fire. He is Michael Fassbender‘s stunt double in the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed.”

Watch the video.