‘Sleepy Hollow’ Pits Monster Against Monster Against Monster (Exclusive Video)

A three-way sword fight between supernatural beings gets interrupted by Abbie and a shotgun

Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” is probably one of the few shows on TV where a three-way sword fight between supernatural beings can come off as normal.

In this exclusive clip from Monday’s episode (above), the Horseman of Death — easily recognizable as the Headless Horseman — battles a Frankenstein-like skull-faced foe, raised by Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) for this very purpose.

Ichabod and Abbie returned to Season 2 with a renewed quest to rescue Ichabod’s wife Katrina from the clutches of their Headless enemy, and raising their own monster seems to be theĀ  latest bad idea on the table.

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An armored knight gets in on the action too, revealed to be a shell controlled by Henry (John Noble), Ichabod’s son and the Horseman of War who’s sitting alone at a desk, safely far from the action.

The three-way duel is interrupted by Abbie, toting a good old-fashioned shotgun. The modern day detective gives it her best shot, but the blasts have no effect on the knight, who turns and advances on her.

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Ichabod and Abbie’s continued fight against evil is going to be filled with all kinds of new monsters. Showrunners told reporters at TCA over the summer that creatures including a Wendigo, a succubus, a kindred, and a pied piper are all set to feature on the show’s second season.

“Sleepy Hollow” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.