CNN Host Slams McConaughey’s ‘Midlife Crisis’ Governor Move: ‘Buy the Porsche’ (Video)

The actor hasn’t formally announced his gubernatorial bid

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Matthew McConaughey has not officially announced a run for Texas governor, but he’s talked about the possibility so much that CNN’s Michael Smerconish has branded the whole endeavor a “midlife crisis.”

Reacting to a clip of McConaughey saying that America is going through “puberty” right now, Smerconish said Tuesday, “Puberty? Nah. I think it’s midlife crisis and let’s all buy the Porsche and move on.”

He dispensed more advice for the possible Texan politician while on CNN’s “New Day,” too: “You’re popular up until the point when you formally decide to get in the race and then all of a sudden your numbers change so be careful, Matthew McConaughey. Love your work, but those numbers don’t remain where they are today.”

According to a new report out Monday, incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott finally has caught up to the 51-year-old Oscar winner in a poll for the Texas governor race after falling behind the actor in the spring.

In next year’s run for governor, Abbott is now being favored by 39% of respondents in the state, whereas McConaughey is getting support from 38%, according to a poll from The Dallas Morning News and University of Texas at Tyler. Almost a quarter of Texans said that they would vote for another candidate.

Watch the “New Day” segment below.


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