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‘SNL': Alec Baldwin Apologizes to Himself (Video)

Plus: Matt Damon, Katy Perry and Val Kilmer are best friends

Alec Baldwin received a surprise apology from American Airlines over his ejection from one of its flights — delivered by none other than Alec Baldwin.

Dropping in on "Saturday Night Live"'s "Weekend Update," the most frequent "SNL" host in the show's history played the role of Capt. Steve Rogers, supposedly the pilot of the flight delayed by Baldwin playing "Words With Friends," or being a general nuisance, depending on who's account you believe.

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Story continues after the video:

Packed with guest stars, the Katy Perry-hosted episode was one of the funniest of the year, despite a couple of clunkers: Kenan Thompson's Al Sharpton imitation and a miserable skit with song parodies inspired by a dog movie.

Darrell Hammond returned to the show for a Donald Trump imitation, and Matt Damon and Val Kilmer joined in a digital short about friendship that quickly turned dark: