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‘SNL': Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns to Have Lunch With Kanye – ‘He’s Black Me!’ (Video)

Baldwin’s Trump impression was absent for the first two weeks of the ”SNL“ season

Alec Baldwin made his first appearance on “SNL” this season to lampoon Donald Trump’s meeting on Thursday with Kanye West — and Trump worried that Kanye was “black me.”

In the cold open sketch, Kanye was played by “SNL” cast member Chris Redd, who dropped a slightly exaggerated version of Kanye’s lengthy speech during the meeting.

Early in the sketch, Baldwin’s Trump thanked Kanye for giving him a pair of his Yeezy shoes.

“I want to thank you for giving me a pair of your sneakers,” Baldwin’s Trump said. “They’re perfect for me because they’re white, they’re wide, and they’ll never be worth as much as you say they are.”

The bulk of the sketch consisted of Redd’s Kanye ranting at Trump, as the real meeting went, with Baldwin narrating Trump’s thoughts during the meeting.

“He doesn’t listen to anyone else. Who does he remind me of?” Baldwin’s Trump thought. “Oh my god he’s Black Me!”

The sketch also parodied one of the weirder moments of the real Trump-Kanye meeting, in which Ye showed Trump a picture of a hypothetical hydrogen-powered plane that he said should be the new Air Force One. In the sketch, Redd’s Kanye pulled out his phone and showed Trump a picture of Wonder Woman in her invisible jet.

Baldwin also threw a little bit of shade at himself for his comment about how black people love him for his Trump impression, with his Trump declaring that “black people love me. They love me way more than Alec Baldwin.”

Kanye West appeared on “SNL” in the season premiere two weeks ago in which he surprised everyone with a speech about how much he loved Donald Trump and delivered a third musical performance to close the show while wearing one of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. In the second episode of the season, “SNL” cast member Pete Davidson did a Weekend Update segment ripping into Kanye’s whole shtick when he was on the show.

You can watch the sketch in the video embedded at the top of this post.