‘SNL’: Watch Angela Merkel Express Her Displeasure with Trump Being Named TIME’s Person Of The Year (Video)

Kate McKinnon showed us how the German Chancellor is dealing with this rough year

In the wake of Donald Trump being named the 2016 Person of the Year by Time Magazine, “SNL” brought on Kate McKinnon to play the woman who received that honor last year: German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

As it turns out, Merkel isn’t very happy about Time’s decision. “It kind of undermines the honor for me,” she said. “It’s like winning the Nobel Prize for Physics and the next year they give it to Hoobastank.” Watch the full bit above.

Merkel said that 2016 has been “a real Volkswagen” for her, but she’s coping with the help of David Cameron, who came up with a plan to prank call Trump by pretending they’re the President of Taiwan. Then “SNL” finally got into the inevitable Nazi jokes, with Merkel asking what could possibly go wrong with nationalism in Europe and noting that in Germany the alt-right movement is known as “why Grandpapa lives in Argentina now.”

But what really gets Merkel sad is the fact that she won’t get to be world leader besties with Hillary Clinton. “We were going to stay up late eating junk food, playing ‘Eff, Marry, Kill’ with the leaders of Asia,” she moaned. “We’d do each other’s makeup…just Chapstick and sunblock.”

McKinnon also returned to her parody of Kellyanne Conway in this week’s cold open, where she introduced Walter White as the new head of the DEA. You can check out that sketch here.