‘SNL’ Skips Newsy Cold Open for Mother’s Day Special – and Mikey Day’s Mom Is Proud to Be ‘Butt-Head’s Mom’ | Video

But Kenan Thompson’s mom was bummed they skipped Trump’s trial; she wanted to see who’d play Stormy Daniels


As is usually the case when Mother’s Day weekend happens before the end of the Season, “Saturday Night Live” ditched a topical, news-inspired cold open for a heartwarming alternative: A mother’s day tribute to the actual mothers of “SNL” cast members.

Watch that clip below.

The sketch featured the various members doing bits with their moms. Kenan Thompson’s mom, for instance, was bummed that they skipped the normal cold open because she wanted to see who would play Stormy Daniels.

Mikey Day’s mom, meanwhile, said she is proud to be “Butt-Head’s mom,” a reference to the hit sketch with Ryan Gosling that made “SNL” costar Heidi Gardner corpse hilariously a few weeks back.

Speaking of Gardner, her mom made the first Tom Brady roast reference. Things proceeded thusly and remained heartwarming throughout.

After the cold open, host and “SNL” legend Maya Rudolph delivered an amazing monologue, proving she’s everyone’s mother now with a Ballroom house music ham that had everyone, including the cast, gagged. You can watch that here.


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