‘SNL’ Cold Open Reveals Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden Was the Fly on Mike Pence’s Head (Video)

Sketch also featured Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris in parody of vice presidential debate

The second episode of the new “SNL” season started off much like the season premiere, with a cold open focused on current events, in this case the occasionally hilarious Vice Presidential debate on Wednesday. And of course Maya Rudolph once again showed up to play Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris opposite “SNL” cast member Beck Bennett as current Veep Mike Pence, Kate McKinnon as moderator Susan Page.

But while the debate was notable for a few things: Mike Pence’s constant interruptions and time hogging, Mike Pence’s weird eye,  and the faces Harris made during the debate as Pence interrupted her or hogged time, the main thing everyone talked about was  the fly that landed on Pence’s hair late in the night.

So it was that while the “SNL” parody covered all of those other moments in some form or another, in the “SNL” version of the debate, it turns out that Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden was that fly, via a parody of the horror film “The Fly.”

But first, the sketch ticked off the greatest hits from the debate, like for instance when Page asked Pence about Trump’s health. In the “SNL” version of the debate, Page asked: “Mr. Vice President, I have to ask this: what is the current health of President Trump?”

“Thank you for asking, Susan,” said Beckett’s Pence.

“I wasn’t asking out of sympathy, Mike. I was asking with a simmering rage for his incompetence in a sadistic hope that he is not well,” McKinnon’s page replied.

“Unfortunately for you, then, the President is doing amazing,” Pence replied. “Thanks to his team of terrified doctors. As you heard from his primary physician Dr. Handsome Liar, Trump is in peak physical condition.”

McKinnon’s page then asked what medicine Trump is taking, Beckett’s Pence said “Almost none, Susan. He’s taken aspirin, which he’s always taken. An injection of experimental monoclonal antibodies. A Macho Man Randy Savage amount of steroids. A woman’s probiotic for balance. Snd 60 cc’s of helium into his skull so his head doesn’t fall over on TV.”

“So like a balloon head?” Page asked.

Then the sketch parodied the moment when Pence attempted to falsely claim Harris is opposed to a vaccine. In response, Rudolph’s Harris said: “Look, if Dr Fauci says the vaccine is good I will be the first in line like it’s an Ann Taylor sample sale. But if Trump says it’s safe, I will throw that vaccine in the trash like last week’s shrimp pad thai. Besides, mama’s got all the vaccine she needs right here.” At which point she pulled out a martini.

After more several minutes of stuff like this, the sketch changed scenes to Joe Biden’s living room where Carrey as Heidi Gardener as Jill Biden. Carrey’s Biden was concerned how the debate was going and decided he needed to go there using an experimental teleportation device — and of course it turned out that the teleportation machine was basically a replica of the one from David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of “The Fly.” Just like in the movie, where a scientist played by Jeff Goldblum tests a teleportation device but doesn’t realize there’s a fly in it with him, Biden’s trip blended his DNA with a fly.

But he still landed on Pence’s head of course, as the “SNL” parody then showed Beckett’s Pence with a hugely visible fly on his head.

“Mr. Vice. President, do you not feel that at all?” asked Page.

“I’ll tell you what I feel, Susan. I feel for the businesses that are going to be crippled by Joe Biden’s tax cuts,” Pence replied.

“Yes, yes, your economy is so in the toilet, I want to lay my eggs on it. What what?” said Carrey’s Biden-Fly hybrid. From that moment, Carrey gradually changed his impression from a Joe Biden impression to an impression of Joe Biden slowly turning into Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly.”

“God created dinosaurs. Dinosaurs became Republicans. Republicans created Trump. Trump destroys God,” Carrey’s Biden said, referring to several classic Goldblum movie lines.

And at the end, it was revealed that Herman Cain — who famously was killed by COVID-19, which he caught at Donald Trump’s divisive Tulsa rally in June — was reincarnated as a fly (played by Keenan Thompson here).

“These fools Trump and Pence killed me, man,” Thompson’s Cain said. “They invited me to a rally with no masks. They said ‘everything is fine, Herman.’ I catch corona, Trump tells me, ‘Everything is fine, Herman.’ The White House doctors, they check me out, and they, ‘Everything’s fine, Herman.’ Three days later I’m gone! If you watching this at home, don’t trust this white devil about that Rona.”


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