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‘SNL': De Niro’s Robert Mueller Thanks Jeff Sessions for All His Help With the Investigation (Video)

Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions gave a tearful goodbye after getting fired by Trump this week

The cold open for the Nov. 10 episode of “SNL” saw Kate McKinnon bring back her impersonation of former U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions for what might be the last time — with Sessions clearing out his office and saying goodbye to everybody. Including Robert Mueller, played once again by Robert De Niro.

The sketch saw appearances by other “SNL” cast members Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Beck Bennett as Mike Pence, and Mikey Day and Alex Moffat as Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

Alec Baldwin did not make an in-person appearance as Donald Trump, though at one point McKinnon’s Sessions did dance around the room with a picture of Baldwin as Trump while singing “Someone Like You” by Adele.

As he was packing his things, Sessions waxed nostalgic for his time in office while referencing various items that he was packing up. Like his Bible (“I justified a lot of bad things with this book”), the first ever ironic lifetime achievement award from the NAACP, and a mug bearing the Confederate flag that read “It’s not about hatred. It’s about heritage” but which contained a smaller mug that read “JK it is about hatred.”

When Bennett’s Mike Pence popped up, Sessions had to asked what more he could have done to avoid getting fired. “I put kids in cages. I said no to gays. What more to y’all want?”

At the end of the sketch, De Niro  popped in as Robert Mueller to thank him for everything he did that helped with his investigation. McKinnon’s Sessions was freaked out by that suggestion, responding by declaring that “you can’t arrest me — I quit.” But De Niro’s Mueller assured Sessions that he was only in his report a little bit, while Trump was in it a lot.

Mueller also gave McKinnon’s Sessions a parting gift. “You know in Harry Potter, when an elf gets a piece of clothing, it sets him free? Here, this is for you,” Mueller said, as he handed him a piece of tissue from the bottom of Donald Trump’s shoe.

Watch De Niro’s portion of the sketch right here.