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‘SNL': Emma Stone Helps Host Andrew Garfield, as Donald Sterling Says He’s a Victim (Video)

Bobby Moynihan plays Clippers owner

Emma Stone turned up on “Saturday Night Live” to give Andrew Garfield — her boyfriend and “Amazing Spider-Man 2” co-star — some tips on how to host the show.

“24: Live Another Day” stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub, meanwhile, appeared in a trailer for “The Beygency,” a thriller about a man, Garfield, who must go into hiding after he dares say something less than enthusiastic about Beyonce.

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Stone, a past host, turned up during Garfield’s monologue after an opening skit in which Clippers owner Donald Sterling, played by Bobby Moynihan, argued that he is the real victim in his racism scandal.

Sterling announced that he had replaced the half-black girlfriend who recorded him making racist remarks with a new, three-quarters black girlfriend. He said they only speak while naked in the desert, to make sure he’s never recorded.

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Stone told Garfield during his monologue that if he was ever dying onstage, he could just play to the “SNL” band — since they’re “really great and they laugh at anything.”

When that didn’t work, she recommended he try some self-deprecating humor.

“Hey everybody,” he announced. “I’m a terrible father.”

The couple don’t really have kids. But they did welcome to the stage “SNL” star Aidy Bryant, who has a small role in their film.

“Kind of the three stars of ‘Spider-Man’ right here,” said Bryant.

Garfield and Stone also appeared in a sketch in which they played themselves, during “Spider-Man 2” filming, and couldn’t figure out how normal people kiss. Garfield ended up kissing Chris Martin, lead singer of musical guests Coldplay.

After the monologue, the show did a rancid sketch about an anti-gas product, and a “Family Feud” parody in which Garfield played Justin Timberlake and the cast impersonated celebrities including Skrillex, Bruno Mars, Drake and Shakira.

Later, Garfield — who confessed in his monologue that he is British — played Oliver Twist in a PBS Charles Dickens adaptation.

On “Weekend Update,” Kate McKinnon played her most entertainingly depressing character, a Russian peasant woman who lives in despair and craves death.

“Who wants to trade with Russia?” she asked. “Our only exports are homophobia and snow.”

Taran Killam, meanwhile, dropped in as his snarky 19th century newspaper critic, Jebediah Atkinson.

Earlier this season, the show responded to criticism about the lack of African-American women in its cast by hiring Sasheer Zamata as a featured player. On Saturday, “Weekend Update” welcomed another African-American female comedian, Leslie Jones, who responded to People magazine naming Lupita Nyong’o the most beautiful person in the world.

Jones didn’t exactly shy away from eyebrow-raising racial material. The 6-foot-tall Jones joked that her love life might have been better during slavery times, because “master would’ve hooked me up with the best brother on the plantation. And every nine months I’d be in the corner having a super baby. … I would be the number-one slave draft pick.”

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