‘SNL’ Revives ‘Game of Thrones’ Hero Jon Snow Way Too Slowly in This Archival Sketch (Video)

From the “SNL” vaults, this “GoT” skit had host Brie Larson’s character wishing Jon Snow would come back to life, already

With “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harrington making his “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut tonight, we thought we’d revisit a sketch from 2016 in which the Westerosi attempt to revive Jon Snow — but not fast enough for a character played by host Brie Larson.

“Game of Thrones” took two episodes in Season 6 waiting to bring the murdered Snow back to life … but “SNL” thought his revival was such a foregone conclusion that “Game of Thrones” didn’t need to take that long.

The “Game of Thrones” sketch finds various fur-clad citizens of Westeros played by “SNL” castmates standing around the body of Snow (Pete Davidson), taking their time remarking on his being dead … as they wait for Melisandre (Kate McKinnon) to do the revival everyone suspects is coming.

When Bobby Moynihan‘s character asks if they should bury Snow, Ser Davos (Taran Killam) has an answer that’s convenient to the plot.

“No. I think with this one we just leave him out for a few days on this slab so that everyone can see how dead he really is,” he says.

Two women played by Larson and Cecily Strong urge them to hurry up.

“Oh my God, this is so slow,” says Strong.

Larson’s character says the show has too few episodes a year to devote so much time to waiting for Snow to breathe again.

“We only get 10 hours of this a year, people. We spent two in this room.”

Of course, the “Room” Oscar winner for best actress is pretty good at being stuck in a room.