‘SNL’: Hope Hicks Visits Weekend Update to Read Goodbye Letter to Friends at the White House (Video)

“I’ll see you guys at the reunion in 10 years, seven with good behavior,” said Hope Hicks, as performed by “SNL” cast member Cecily Strong

One of the guests on this week’s Weekend Update on “SNL” was cast member Cecily Strong portraying former White House communications director Hope Hicks, who read a goodbye letter to those she left behind in the Trump administration when she made her departure.

Hicks was one of the leading stories on Weekend Update prior to Strong showing up, with co-host Colin Jost discussing the situation. “You know things are bad when a 29-year-old with no experience, who works directly for the president of the United States, thinks ‘I gotta get out of this dead end job!’” Jost joked.

After some small talk with Jost, Strong’s Hicks pulled out her goodbye letter, which mentioned several people specifically, starting with Kellyanne Conway.

“To Kellyanne: You taught me that a strong woman can run a campaign and win,” Strong’s Hicks said. “And you showed me what I could turn into if I stick around too long. You’re like the human version of those pictures of black lungs on cigarette boxes.”

And, of course, “SNL” couldn’t resist getting in a couple digs directly at President Trump.

“To Donnie: I’ll always be your Hopie. Which is what you called me when you needed help because your big red tie touched the toilet water,” Hicks said. “And Donnie, never forget our inside joke: the meeting was about Russian adoption. He’ll get that, you won’t get that.”

The jokes at Donald Trump’s expense continued when she addressed his daughter, Ivanka.

“Ivanka, my BFF: You were the one who told me about this internship. Or job, or what is it? And ever since then, it’s been like a never-ending sleepover. Like when you wake up in the middle of the night and you open your eyes and you’re like, ‘Is that my friend’s dad in the doorway? Is he just, like, standing there watching us?’ And it was just that moment stretched out over three years.”

Hicks then expressed how much she was looking forward to seeing everybody again… after they all get out of prison.

“And to everyone else in the Trump White House: I’ll see you guys at the reunion in 10 years, seven with good behavior.”

You can watch the entire Hope Hicks segment on “SNL” Weekend Update in the embedded video at the top of this post. And you can watch the rest of Weekend Update here.