‘SNL’: Host Kevin Hart Pees His Pants During a Meeting (Video)

“SNL” tells the story of standard American masculinity all too perfectly

This week on “SNL.” we got to see host Kevin Hart struggle to control his bladder during a work meeting — because he was too proud to admit that the reason he needed to bail was because he needed to use the bathroom.

The gag in this sketch involved Hart pretending to take a phone call during a meeting in which he was alerted to an important family emergency — but it was all a pretense so he could just go to the bathroom because the meeting was taking place right after lunch. His co-workers were wise to the ruse, though, and after he took his fake phone call they let Hart know that it was okay if he needed to go to the bathroom instead of pretending something important was going on.

Unfortunately, Hart’s co-workers telling him they were in on the ruse just hardened his commitment to it — so despite his need to use the bathroom Hart stayed in the meeting, sweating profusely because he really, really needed to go to the bathroom.

The situation resolved itself when his co-workers, noting his obvious physical discomfort, pretended to receive phone calls from his grandmother a if she needed his help, encouraging him to just go to the bathroom, and maybe also go visit a J Crew store to get new underwear after he probably soiled his pants since he refused to go while everyone admitted their knowledge of the situation.

It was a true Christmas miracle. You can view the full sketch embedded above.