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Watch ‘SNL’ Host Sam Rockwell Drop an F-Bomb During His First Sketch (Video)

The utterance was censored on West Coast feeds but went through live in New York

Sam Rockwell made his hosting debut on “SNL” Saturday night and it took about ten minutes for him to drop his first f-bomb during a live sketch.

The sketch, about a local access-style science show, was actually Rockwell’s first sketch after his opening monologue in which he basked in the glow of being a big deal after having spent most of his career as “that other guy” in movies.

The sketch in question saw Rockwell host the science show alongside a pair of teenagers, played by “SNL” cast members Cecily Strong and Mikey Day. The joke in the sketch was that the kids were extremely dumb and unable to follow the rudimentary science experiments Rockwell was doing, which led to some demonstrable frustration on the part of Rockwell’s character.

The experiment that inspired the f-bomb involved pouring vegetable oil into a glass of water and seeing what happened.

“Now watch the oil. Not that oil, Josh,” Rockwell said when Day’s character stared at the bottle of vegetable oil rather than the glass of water he had just mixed oil into.  “The oil i just poured into the water. The oil is?

“False?” Day said.

“This isn’t a true or false,” Rockwell replied.

“True,” Strong chimed in.

“You can’t be this f—in’ stupid,” Rockwell then said, pausing and covering his mouth after uttering the f-word before continuing on. Day and Strong, amusingly, improvised a solid reaction to the slip, looking like shocked kids whose teacher just said the f-word in class. Day put on an exaggerated shocked expression, while Strong plugged her ears.

While the curse was broadcast with no censorship in the New York broadcast, the f-bomb was censored in Los Angeles. That makes sense, given that “SNL” was broadcast live on both coasts — on the West Coast the slip occurred at 8:49 p.m.