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‘SNL': James Austin Johnson Drops by ‘Weekend Update’ With Some Fun Random Impressions (Video)

Including ”Batman playing ‘Where’s Waldo?'“

On the latest “SNL,” the “Weekend Update” segment ended on a goofier and funnier than usual note when Colin Jost said they had run out of material but still had a couple of minutes left to fill.

Instead of Jost and his co-host Michael Che coming up jokes to fill the void, they brought out the show’s resident impressions master James Austin Johnson to fill that time with a series of random impressions.

And, they were pretty funny.

First, Johnson did an impression of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren from “Star Wars” on the show “Girls”

“Anna, do you know how difficult it is to be on the dark side of the force. No you don’t because you are a Child!”

Next, Johnson channeled his inner Batman, as the super hero of Gotham City read “Where is Waldo?”

“Where is he?!?” Austin said while pretending to hold a book.

Afterwards, Johnson explained to the “Weekend Update” hosts his next impression would make a great guest on the show. He tapped into his inner Jay-Z and the Brooklyn rapper is downstairs.

“Beyoncé! Hey, Beyoncé,” Johnson said.

Jost couldn’t help but laugh and told Johnson he didn’t think he put much thought into these impressions. However, Johnson kept them coming with what we think was his best one of the night, former President Donald Trump at a restaurant ordering a cocktail.

“We’ve been waiting a very long time for that Negroni. This is much too long. It’s is a three ingredient drink. We’re very thirsty. Very thirsty,” Johnson said.

To see the full video of impressions, click the video above.