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‘SNL': Jessica Chastain Hosts Trump-Inspired Game Show ‘What Even Matters Anymore?’ (Video)

Chastain is really upset that none of the scandalous stories that come out about President Trump seem to be enough to bring him down

Jessica Chastain predictably killed it as this week’s “SNL” host, and her best sketch was probably the one in which she hosted a game show geared toward venting her frustrations about President Donald Trump.

“Hey folks, welcome to ‘What Even Matters Anymore?’ the show where I tell you something our president did or said, and you have tell me: does it even matter anymore?” Chastain said, introducing the game show.

She continued with a series of questions involving the POTUS that have made the news, like:

“The president has an extramarital affair with a porn star right after his wife gives birth to his son, then he pays the porn star to shut up! Does it even matter to, say, his evangelical base?”

“SNL” cast member Kenan Thompson, playing one of the contestants, chimed in with a response: “To evangelicals, of course it matters. It’s against everything that they stand for.”

Chastain: “You’d think so, but no. They say he’s just repented, and Mike Pence is like, ‘This my dude!'”

In case you didn’t think this sketch was pointed and aggressive enough, the next question and answer drive the message home.

Chastain: “The president fires Robert Mueller, the very man investigating him for treason. Does it even matter?”

Cast member Cecily Strong: “Well, he hasn’t done that yet.”

Chastain: “Yeah, but you know he’s gonna and, when he does, will it even matter?”

Strong: “I’m gonna say yes, that would matter. That’s a clear line that he’d be crossing.”

Chastain: “Oooh, so close. You were right that it would cross a line, but you were wrong to think that it would matter in the least. Republicans would just shrug and mumble something about Hillary’s emails.”

Strong: “Yeah, but they have a conscience.”

Chastain: “Judges, do they have a conscience? [buzzer sounds] Sorry, we checked, and they don’t.”

Eventually, an extremely exasperated Chastain gives up on the format and tells the contestants to write down something so bad that they think it would matter if the president did it, chugging from a bottle of wine while she waited. Of course, none of their suggestions passed muster, not even Thompson’s suggestion of a sex tape between Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. “Fox News would just report it as, ‘He’s a family man.'”

As the show ended, Chastain revealed the show’s grand prize.

“As always, the host of tonight’s show gets a hug, because she really needs it,” Chastain said, as McKinnon and Thompson obliged.