‘SNL’: Watch Kate McKinnon Wear Crazy Facial Prosthetics to Play Robert Mueller on Weekend Update (Video)

“It’s me, Robert Mueller,” McKinnon said while sporting the outlandish makeup

On this week’s “SNL,” Weekend Update got a very surprising guest: Kate McKinnon impersonating special counsel Robert Mueller. McKinnon wore some really spectacular facial prosthetics in order to pull off the look, and it was quite a sight.

Mueller, as you may know, is heading up an investigation into possible collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign and/or the Trump administration. And McKinnon’s Mueller popped into Weekend Update to provide, well, an update on how that whole thing is going.

“I wanted to come out here tonight to assure the American people that our investigation is progressing smoothly, and we’re looking forward to a timely and orderly conclusion,” Mueller said.

When asked by Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost for specifics about the status of the investigation, things went off the rails very quickly.

“Well, obviously I can’t discuss the particulars of an ongoing investigation, but, uh,” then McKinnon’s Mueller paused for a long, smirking moment, before finishing. “Uh, yeah, we good.”

From there McKinnon’s character was clearly dying to spill all the beans about how in the bag the investigation was, but managed to hold back for the most part. Until the middle of the bit, anyway.

“I wanna tell ’em one thing. OK. OK. I shouldn’t be…no. OK, so, yeah. Don Jr, he wrote in his Venmo description, ‘Russia–‘ No! I can’t. It hurts. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, don’t do this.”

To sum it all up, McKinnon’s Mueller put it like this: “Colin, you gotta understand the guy didn’t leave me a trail of breadcrumbs here… he left me full loaves. Fresh seven-grain loaves straight from Panera Bread.”

“You know how you love the show ‘Lost,’ but it never really came together? There was no satisfying ending. This ain’t ‘Lost.’”