‘SNL’ : Kristen Wiig’s Aunt Linda Returns to Weekend Update to Trash ‘The Bear,’ ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ | Video

“What the heck is Kenergy?!” she angrily asks

Kristen Wiig had plenty of possible characters she could resurrect while hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week, but the first one she chose to bring back was none other than Aunt Linda. And yes, she had some choice words for the biggest movies and TV shows of last year.

The character returned once again during Weekend Update, first greeting Colin Jost as previous host Seth Meyers.

“Someone’s gotten some work done,” Linda said bluntly.

Once pleasantries were out of the way, she started in on the stuff she’s been watching. First up was “Barbie,” which Aunt Linda simply couldn’t stomach.

That said, it did remind her to take care of her stomach apparently, as she noted that the only good thing about the movie was that it reminded her to take her Pepto Bismol.

“And where are they, on the moon?” she added exasperatedly. She also called out America Ferrera for her now-famous monologue about being a woman, telling her to save it, snapping back “I love wearing a bra!”

The only person Aunt Linda couldn’t trash was Ryan Gosling’s Ken. According to her, he’s “very hard to make fun of.”

Of course, Aunt Linda also saw “Oppenheimer,” completing the Barbenheimer double feature. She wasn’t thrilled about that either, pointing out that it’s “directed by Christopher No Thanks.”

Finally, Jost had her try and talk about TV shows, but apparently, those were just as frustrating.

Her biggest upset? FX’s “The Bear,” starring Jeremy Allen White. According to Aunt Linda, she expected it to be a series about literal bears, or at least a hairy man.


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