‘SNL’: Kristen Wiig’s 5-Timers Club Induction Crashed by Matt Damon and Others Who Definitely Haven’t Hosted 5 Times | Video

Even Ryan Gosling popped in

Kristen Wiig returned to host “Saturday Night Live” once again this week, officially making her part of the NBC sketch comedy show’s five-timers club. To commemorate the occasion, her monologue was crashed by one other member of the club — and multiple non-members.

Wiig is currently starring in the new Apple TV+ series “Palm Royale” and, as she hit the stage, she immediately addressed the fact that it was her fifth time hosting.

“So I have to say, as a former cast member, it is very special being a five-timer,” she started. “I have never –”

At that, she was cut off by a question from the audience, which just so happened to come from fellow five-timers club member Paul Rudd. The actor was stoked to be part of a sketch about it, asking her, “Is there like a script or something I could look at for that?”

Wiig quickly shot it down though, telling him they weren’t actually doing that. But then, another audience member chimed in: “Girls5Eva” star Paula Pell.

“I used to be a writer here, but tonight I’m playing an audience member, so she’s gonna pretend she doesn’t know me,” Pell explained to the audience before addressing the host directly.

Unfortunately, Pell was there to rain on Wiig’s parade a bit, explaining that the five-timers club isn’t actually a big deal and saying that Lorne Michaels gives out the commemorative jackets “to everybody like free maxi pads.”

To prove Pell’s point, Matt Damon suddenly showed up, indeed wearing a jacket. According to the actor, who’s only hosted twice, Michaels told him that his first time was so good, it counted for three, and the second was less so, so it only counted for two. But, in total, it came to five.

At that point, Wiig had questions for Michaels, so she asked him directly. Naturally, as the camera panned to him, he was flanked by Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Martin Short and Jon Hamm — none of whom have hosted five times.

In the end, they gave Wiig a proper celebration, singing a song for her. But, in a final surprise, Ryan Gosling — who’s scheduled to host the next episode, but it won’t be his fifth time — appeared on stage with a five-timers jacket, before finally giving Wiig her own.

You can watch the full sketch in the video above.

“Saturday Night Live” airs weekly at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.


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