‘SNL’: Michael Che Jokes Quarantine Protesters ‘Live in Places With Nowhere to Go Anyway’ (Video)

“If you’re protesting in rural Texas or South Carolina, where else would you even be, Earl? ” Che said on the latest “SNL” Weekend Update

Another “At Home” edition of “SNL” means we got another remote version of Weekend Update, with hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost delivering their jokes about the week’s events from their homes.

Che and Jost did, of course, begin by mocking Donald Trump’s comments during his Thursday coronavirus press conference, when he asked if doctors can look into whether disinfectants could be injected into the body to cure the virus.

But the hardest hitting jokes of Weekend Update came when Che directed his ire at those who protested stay-at-home directives in their states.

Jost began the series of jokes with a jab at Hannity: “A man in Ohio was seen protesting stay at home orders while wearing an American flag and a diaper. Said the man, ‘We need to reopen the [strains like he’s pooping] economy.’ And fun fact: if an American flag and a diaper are struck by lightning they create a Sean Hannity.”

And then Che took that setup and ran with it in the sort of mini-rant of the sort that he often does during Weekend Update.

“You know, it’s funny that all the people protesting the stay-at-home order live in places with his nowhere to go anyway,” Che said. “I get why like Vegas or Miami would want to open up. I mean, cocaine ain’t going to cut itself. But if you’re protesting in rural Texas or South Carolina, where else would you even be, Earl? Besides Walmart and your basement, which is pretty much still open.”

Che continued by expressing commenting on the presence of open-carry firearms at some of the protests.

“Who are all these guns supposed to scare? The virus? Nurses? The police?” Che said. “It’s crazy how these rednecks, ah, excuse me, red states are always talking that ‘support the troops’ and ‘blue lives matter’ s—, but then they’re so quick to bring out their guns whatever their country wants something from them.

“I mean, how is that patriotic? That’s like saying, I love my wife, but I keep a gun under my pillow just in case.’”

You can check out this portion of the latest Weekend Update on “SNL” in the video embedded up at the top of this article.