‘SNL’ Dedicates Sarcastic Music Video To Facebook Activists for Saving the World Without Doing Any Work (Video)

You can definitely solve all the world’s problems by sharing articles with 84 Facebook friends

SNL” paid musical homage to the legions of white people out there who are doing their part in the culture war by posting on social media with “Thank You, Scott.”

Scott, played by Louis CK, is a guy who is so overwhelmed by the terrible things happening at home and abroad that he sees on TV that he’s compelled to post on Facebook about it.

“He couldn’t sit by and do nothing,””SNL” regular Kenan Thompson sang. “He had to act before it was too late/ He shared an article on Facebook/ And then everything changed.”

From there we hit the refrain, where Thompson’s partners in music Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata punctuate each sentence by saying Scott’s name.

“You solved the problem, Scott/ You brought the struggle to an end, Scott/ By sharing that article with 84 Facebook friends. Thank you, Scott.”

The punches just came harder from there.

“But then Scott realized/that black people’s lives/ matter as much as the lives of the whites,” Thomspn sang.

Zamata continued: “Some people protested/ and got arrested/ he had to do more/ to end their oppression.”

Thompson: “He knew he had to stand up/ He knew he had to march/ Over to his laptop and write ‘Black Lives Matter’ in his Twitter profile.”

And then came the masterful second refrain: “Thank you, Scott/ you ended racism, Scott/ Now we’re all equal, Scott/ And compared to you, MLK didn’t do s— at all/ Thank you Scott.”

You can watch the video above.