‘SNL’: Natalie Portman Drops Another Awesome Rap Video, Complete With Jar Jar Cameo (Video)

The new digital short is a sequel to her excellent profane 2013 “SNL” rap video

When Natalie Portman previously hosted “SNL” in 2013, she stole the show with her profane rap video about how she wanted “to drink and fight” and “f— all night.” And she did another show-stopping rap when she returned to host this week. You can watch it in the video embedded above.

The framing of both videos involves a TV reporter (Chris Parnell in 2013 and Beck Bennett this time) interviewing Portman, with the rap being her angry responses to the banal questions.

This time, the video began with Bennett referencing the last video, mentioning that “the last time you were here I heard things got a little out of control.”

Portman replied that she’s matured a lot since then but, about five seconds later, she switched into rapper mode again with this opening line: “Portman Portman Portman Portman Portman Portman. F—ed your husband and his best friend just for sport, man.”

After the first verse, it cuts back to the interview, with Bennett saying, “It seems like you’re almost exactly the same but with current references.”

“Untrue. I’m a mother now. It’s really changed my perspective,” Portman replied.

“And do you find it difficult juggling kids and a career?” Bennett asked.

“You can juggle these nuts,” Portman shot back, as she launched into the second verse.

The highlight of the sketch was when Bennett asked if she’d seen the new “Star Wars” movies. She said she hadn’t, and then cut him off as he tried to say that they’re better than the prequels that Portman starred in.

“Say something ’bout the motherf—ing prequels, bitch,” Portman rapped, wearing Queen Amidala’s garb from “The Phantom Menace” while pointing a gun at “SNL” cast member Alex Moffat. “Say something f—ing nice about Jar Jar Binks. Now kiss him right on his 17 d—s. While I sit there on your face and take a s—.

Suffice it to say that Portman’s second rap video lived up to the standard she set with the first one. If you need a reminder how great the original was, you can watch it below. The new one is embedded at the top of the post.