‘SNL’: Paul Rudd, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden Bully Alec Baldwin’s Trump in Cold Open (Video)

This week’s opener was a sitcom parody of that video of world leaders mocking Trump

Alec Baldwin made his fourth Season 45 appearance as Donald Trump on “SNL” this week, but he was far from the only celebrity cameo in the show’s latest cold open.

In a sketch that took on, as usual, one of this week’s biggest political stories — you know, the one where several world leaders were caught on camera making fun of Trump at a NATO conference — Paul Rudd showed up as French prime minister Emmanuel Macron, along with Jimmy Fallon as Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and James Corden as British prime minister Boris Johnson.

The sketch began with narration that acknowledge the real-life happenings but then claimed that the video we saw was nothing compared with what went on later that day in the NATO cafeteria.

From there we got basically the high school sitcom version of this public drama, which saw Rudd, Fallon and Corden sit at the “cool kids’ table” and not allow Baldwin’s Trump to sit with them even though they had an open seat.

To illustrate the sort of comedy “SNL” was doing in this sketch, it had Corden put an “IMPEACH ME” sign on Trump’s back, and then Fallon told Trump, “I heard you can’t be impeached if your hand is bigger than your face.”

The cool trio start making plans for a party at Buckingham Palace, though Corden’s Johnson is not sure he’s allowed to do that since the Queen lives there. When Trump overhears them he tries to get in on it, but the cool kids respond by inviting German chancellor Angela Merkel, played by “SNL” cast member Kate McKinnon, to sit with them instead of Trump.

Then, after inviting Merkel to the party, Fallon mentioned to her that Obama will probably come as well, to which Merkel responded in a very schoolgirl-with-a-crush giddiness.

To end the sketch, everyone froze as “SNL” cast member Cecily Strong came on stage in character as Melania Trump. Melania then proceeded to give an anti-bullying PSA, saying that Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be bullied because he would never bully others. “Please, European leaders, be best.”

And Melania punctuated that joke by pitching the audience on Peloton stationary bikes.