‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Freaks Out on Santa in Parody of Eminem’s ‘Stan’ (Video)

Davidson’s Stu is really mad that St. Nick won’t bring him an PlayStation 5

The first new episode of “Saturday Night Live” in weeks also happened to be the first episode of December, so naturally there were a ton of references to Christmas throughout the night. And the best came early on courtesy of regular cast member Pete Davidson, who did a parody of Eminem’s song “Stan,” only with the subject of the song changed to Santa Claus — though Eminem himself did show up for a cameo in the end.

Watch it above.

It’s one of the most famous songs of the last several decades and even gave us a new term — to stan — for being a fanatical fan, but just in case you don’t remember: The hit 2000 song is written from the POV of Stan, a fictional fan obsessed with Eminem. As depicted in the song, Stan at first comes off like an over eager fan trying to meet his hero, but as it goes on he becomes increasingly unhinged until finally, after angrily concluding that Eminem has blown him off, Stan apparently kills himself and his girlfriend. Only after that horrible outcome do we learn in the final verse, rapped from Em’s point of view, that he finally got around to replying to Stan and attempted to encourage him not to be self destructive.

Pete Davidson’s parody looks an awful lot like the original music video, only this time, “Stu” (Davidson) is writing to Santa because he’s desperate for a hard-to-get PlayStation 5. And just like in the original, Stu’s letter’s to Santa get angrier and more unhinged as his inability to acquire a PS5 (and problem a lot of people currently have) continues unabated, and finally Stu tells Santa to “elf off.”

The twist? Santa is real, but he sends a letter to Stu saying “Dear Stu, I think you have the wrong address, bro. I’m not Santa Claus. Goodbye.” And then comes the Slim Shady cameo.

“Damn,” one of Santa’s elves says. We agree.


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