‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Roasts His Own Met Gala Outfit During ‘Weekend Update’ (Video)

“I look like if one of the three blind mice sold fentanyl,” Davidson joked

Pete Davidson not only scored an invite to last month’s Met Gala — but he wore an outfit so extravagant that he just had to poke fun at it during the 47th season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.”

To be clear, Davidson was happy to be at the event at all. “It was amazing. I got to go to the coolest event of the year and I can now say I’ve been in a museum,” Davidson joked. Of course, “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost had to point out that Davidson’s outfit was among those that drew online reactions.

“I don’t know why. That’s a cool dress!” Davidson replied. “I look like James Bond at his quinceanera. I look like if one of the three blind mice sold fentanyl.”

Davidson then explained that he sometimes wears a dress or paints his nails just to make his uncle uncomfortable. Apparently, his uncle worries that wearing a dress makes Davidson “look gay” — something the comedian says doesn’t make sense, given how that uncle used to dress when he was younger.

“Meanwhile, he grew up in the ’80s, which is somehow the gayest and the most homophobic generation of all time,” Davidson joked. “All the songs were like, about the boys, and how they’re back in town. Also, his favorite movie is ‘Top Gun.’ It’s as close to a movie about men being in love with each other as like, the ’80s allowed. It’s like ‘Brokeback’ in the sky.”

All that said, Davidson couldn’t let the bit end without making one last joke at his own expense. Returning to his Met Gala outfit one more time, he compared the look to another famous celeb.

“I look like Tilda Swinton on casual Friday,” Davidson said.

You can watch the full “Weekend Update” segment in the video above.