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‘SNL': Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin Return to Sum Up the Mueller Report (Video)

De Niro brings back his Robert Mueller impression and Alec Baldwin’s Trump interprets the Mueller Report badly

After a two-week hiatus, “SNL” is back. And it brought back Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump for the first time in a while, along with Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller.

The topic of the cold open sketch was the Mueller Report, which was released just over a week ago to new attorney general William Barr, who in turn dropped a four-page summation for Congress. The sketch consisted of De Niro’s Mueller explaining his findings, Barr (played by “SNL” cast member Aidy Bryant) interpreting the report in a way that is friendly to Trump, and Baldwin’s Trump tweeting nonsense about the whole thing after having not read any of it.

The sketch cut between the three of them in succession, like so.

De Niro’s Mueller: “I am submitting these 380 pages.”

Bryant’s Barr: “I am writing almost four pages.”

Baldwin’s Trump: “I am reading zero pages. But Sean Hannity has read it and he’s so excited, he texted me an eggplant.”

This sequence went on for a while, and even managed to slip in a Smashmouth reference.

De Niro’s Mueller: “Somebody with the Trump team might have met with Russians at some point.”

Bryant’s Barr: “Somebody distantly associated with Trump might have done something weird.”

Baldwin’s Trump: “Somebody once told me the world was gonna to roll me, I am the sharpest tool in the shed.”

Eventually, “SNL” regular Kate McKinnon popped up next to Baldwin as Rudy Giuliani.

“Rudy, can you believe it? We got off scott free,” Baldwin’s Trump said.

“I know, I know,” McKinnon as Giuliani chimed in. “I guess I was a legal genius the whole time! And all of my mind games worked. If you want to know what my mind games were, you have to ask the family of goblins who lives in my head and opens my eyes.”

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