‘SNL’: Ryan Gosling Sings Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ to Break Up With Ken – But Emily Blunt Intercedes | Video

Blunt even broke a chair over Gosling’s back to snap him back to reality

It’s been nine months since “Barbie” hit theaters, and just about a month since Ryan Gosling performed “I’m Just Ken” at the Oscars, so on Saturday night, the actor used his “SNL” monologue to officially break up with the character — with some help from Taylor Swift and Emily Blunt.

As he hit the 30 Rock stage — marking his third time as host — Gosling explained that he was there to promote his upcoming movie “The Fall Guy,” in which he stars opposite Emily Blunt.

“So don’t worry, I’m not gonna make any jokes about Ken,” he promised. “Because it’s not funny. Ken and I, we had to break up. We went too deep.”

Gosling was visibly torn up about leaving the Mattel doll behind, though he did manage to sneak in a few raunchy jokes that Ken would almost certainly enjoy (or possibly not understand).

“When you play a character that hard, that long, letting go just feels like a break-up,” Gosling explained.

So, to really commit to the break-up, Gosling took a seat at the piano, and began singing a new version of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well,” with lyrics based on Ken. Naturally, Gosling had his Fauxjo Mojo Mink Coat on hand to perform in.

But, as he fully got into the music, none other than Emily Blunt herself crashed the stage, scolding Gosling for not being able to let go of the character.

“Guys, I don’t mean to be harsh, but Ryan, you have to move on,” she said. “It’s time.”

She even cracked him across the back with a prop chair, showing off how cool stunts can be. But Gosling appealed to Blunt in terms she would understand, asking if she didn’t feel just as deeply about saying goodbye to her “Oppenheimer” character.

Turns out, she did, so she began singing her own lyrics to the Swift song as well. Eventually, the two finished the performance together, blowing out a Ken candle to say a proper farewell.

You can watch the full monologue in the video above.


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