‘SNL’ Short Predicts Some Super Awkward Post-Quarantine Conversations (Video)

Does anyone actually remember how to be social at this point?

As more people get vaccinated and the world slowly starts to open up, it’s getting marginally safer to have in-person get-togethers with friends and family. But, as “Saturday Night Live” so accurately showed this week, there’s one big question looming over any gathering — what the hell are we supposed to talk about?

In a digital short aptly titled “Post-Quarantine Conversation,” we are taken into a post-COVID party, in which the guests try to make small talk. “Who the f— is this?” Kate McKinnon’s character thinks to herself as she strikes up conversation with Beck Bennett.

Don’t worry, Bennett didn’t remember her either. “Who the hell is this woman?” he thinks. “Is she, like, my wife’s friend or do our kids go to school together?” By the end of the conversation, both have mentally vowed to make it a point to never see the other again.

Really, almost no one in the room remembers anyone they’re talking to, since it’s been more than a year since they’ve actually seen them. Chris Redd’s character unintentionally — or maybe super intentionally — flirts with his cousin.

“How many times can a person say ‘It’s such a crazy time right now’?” Ego Nwodim muses, as Redd tries to charm her. Host Elon Musk awkwardly chats up Heidi Gardner, hiding his divorce from her, before outright insulting her (albeit unwittingly).

Where most of “SNL” is cringey and awkward in its own right, this awkwardness was at least well-placed. Seriously, what ARE we going to talk about when we finally start going to parties again? Bread recipes? How many pairs of sweatpants we wore out? It’ll be interesting.

You can watch the full “Post-Quarantine Conversation” short above.


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