‘SNL’: Steve Harvey Accidentally Brings Both His Families onto ‘Family Feud’ (Video)

In perhaps the most dramatic “SNL” “Family Feud” twist ever, Steve discovers he has a son he didn’t know about

It’s been too long since “SNL” had a “Family Feud” sketch with Kenan Thompson as host Steve Harvey, but the recurring bit came back in a big way this week with a special edition of “the Feud” in which Harvey brought his family on the show… to face off against the family of his son he never knew about.

The competing family is the Didricksons, made up mostly of very standard suburbanite-looking white people played by Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett as the parents and Mikey Day as one of their sons — along with host Chance the Rapper sporting a great big bushy mustache as the other son, Cecil.

The joke is made immediately clear when Chance spoke, because he was very obviously doing an impersonation of Thompson’s impersonation of Steve Harvey. And while Steve remains oblivious, his wife, played by Leslie Jones, locks her face into a hilariously not-amused expression for the rest of the sketch.

Over the course of the sketch Steve clearly starts to put the pieces together, gradually remembering a rainy night in Tempe 17 years ago. His ears perk up when Bennett mentions that Cecil has a fondness for pocket squares and super shiny shoes. “The shinier the better,” Cecil says, with Chance visibly cracking up as he delivers the line.

Steve finally figures it out when Cecil explains that he isn’t adopted — his mom had him 17 years ago before she got married.

At the end of the show, Steve concluded by saying: “The Didrickson family takes the win. Next up we’re gonna play the lightning round, but I feel like I should just give ’em the money!”