‘SNL’: Black Panther Figures Out White People and Learns About Police Violence on ‘Black Jeopardy’ (Video)

It turns out T’Challa is a little bit out of touch with black culture in America

Chadwick Boseman joked during his monologue on “Saturday Night Live” that it was unfortunate they waited so long to have him on because they’ve already done all the good “Black Panther” sketches, but “SNL” managed to pull a pretty great one off anyway by having T’Challa be a contestant on “Black Jeopardy.”

“Boy, this might be the blackest ‘Black Jeopardy’ yet,” Kenan Thompson, as the host, exclaimed after T’Challa introduced himself as “a big fan of the program.”

Thompson then introduced the categories: “Grown Ass. Aw Hell No. Fid’na. Girl, Bye. I Ain’t Got It. And, as always, White People.”

But it turned out T’Challa was not extremely good at playing “Black Jeopardy” because life in Wakanda is a bit out of step with the experiences of African-Americans in the United States. The answer that best illustrated that divide was “Aw Hell Nah” for $800.

“The police man says there’s been some robberies in your neighborhood, and asks if you have ‘any information,’” Thompson said, to which Boseman’s T’Challa responded with basically the opposite of the correct question.

“What is, not only do I tell this man what I know,” T’Challa said, “but I also assist him in tracking down the offender. After all, our ministers of law enforcement are only here to protect us. Is this correct?”

“I mean, it should be,” Thompson said. “But, I don’t think you’ve spent much time here in America.”

But after being wrong several times and watching his fellow contestants, played by “SNL” cast members Leslie Jones and Chris Redd, provide correct questions, T’Challa started to understand. Which resulted in this amazing final exchange.

T’Challa: “Okay. I am ready. Let’s go to White People for $400.”

Thompson: “Okay, let’s try it. Your friend Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout. Uh-oh, T’Challa.”

T’Challa: “I think I am getting the hang of this. But before I answer, a few questions. This woman, Karen, she is Caucasian, nay?”

Thompson: “Yes.”

T’Challa: “And she has her own recipe for potato salad, nay?”

Thompson: “Yeah. Yep.”

T’Challa: “Ah, I understand. It is noble that she would volunteer to cook for everyone. And although I have never had potato salad…”

Thompson: “Of course.”

T’Challa: “…I sense that this white woman does not season her food.”

Thompson, nodding profusely: “That’s right.”

T’Challa: “And if she does, it is only with a tiny bit of salt.”

Thompson, getting enthusiastic: “That’s exactly right.”

T’Challa: “And no paprika.”

Thompson: “No paprika, no.”

T’Challa: “And she will probably add something unnecessary, like raisins.

Thompson: “I know, right!”

T’Challa: “So, something tells me that iI should say…”

Thompson: “Say it!”

T’Challa: “Aw, hell no, Karen. Keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself.

Thompson: “You got it, T’Challa!”

You can watch the full “Black Jeopardy” sketch from Chadwick Boseman’s stint as “SNL” host in the video embedded at the top of this post.