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‘SNL': Trump Administration Sings Corruption-Themed Version of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (Video)

Alec Baldwin returned to perform the Queen parody with the ”SNL“ cast, and Robert De Niro also popped in as Robert Mueller

It’s the season finale of “SNL,” and the NBC sketch show sent off season 44 with a musical extravaganza in the cold open — in which Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump to lead a parody of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

The cold open sketch also saw Robert De Niro swing by for one more appearance as former special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I’m very excited about summer, getting around to those things i never have time for,” Baldwin’s Trump said in an Oval Office set before the music began. “Golf. Visiting friends in prison. And enjoying all the fantastic new tariffs for China.”

“It’s been an incredible year for our economy, our American economy is on fire. I’m not going to tell you if it’s a fire that keeps you warm or burns your house to the ground, but it’s some kind of fire. So I’m on cruise control to a second term and there’s nothing the Democrats in congress can do about it. So sit back and enjoy the ride, America, because tonight, well, tonight I’m going to have myself a real good time.”

And that’s when the “Don’t Stop Me Now” parody began, with “SNL” regular Cecily Strong sliding on to the president’s desk as Melania Trump. Beck Bennett then came in as Mike Pence, Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Chris Redd as Kanye West, Kenan Thompson as Justice Clarence Thomas and Kate McKinnon as Wilbur Ross.

Late in the sketch, De Niro popped in as Mueller to deliver a message of his own.

“I have something very important to say to the American people. Something they need to hear,” De Niro said, before being interrupted by Baldwin sliding into the shot declaring, “No obstruction, no collusion.” And then the “SNL” cast continued its “Don’t Stop Me Now” parody before wishing the audience a happy summer.

You can check out the full sketch in the video at the top of this post.