‘SNL’ Weekend Update’s Colin Jost: ‘Trump Is Basically a Hamburgler’ (Video)

Yes, Jost really did compare the president to the villainous McDonald’s mascot

snl saturday night live weekend update colin jost donald trump hamburgler

The regularly political Weekend Update segment on “SNL” this week had no shortage of material, starting with the aversion of the U.S. government shutdown and continuing through co-anchor Colin Jost making a Hamburgler joke at President Donald Trump’s expense.

“President Trump reportedly ordered the firing of Robert Mueller last June but backed down when White House counsel threatened to resign,” Jost began. “So he tried to obstruct justice in an obstruction of justice investigation. That’s like getting pulled over for drunk driving and then challenging the cop to a keg stand.

“My concern at this point is that Trump tries to obstruct justice so often and so publicly that it doesn’t even register as a crime anymore. I mean nobody’s still trying to convict the Hamburgler for stealing hamburgers because, at this point, that’s just what he does. Also, like the Hamburgler, Trump is basically a Hamburgler.”

You can view all of this week’s Weekend Update in the pair of videos embedded below.

The segment began with a gag about the compromise Minority Leader Chuck Schumer reached with Republicans to end the government shutdown.

“On Monday, Chuck Schumer saw his shadow, which means we have three more weeks of government,” Jost said. “The shutdown is temporarily over until February 8th, so that means these guys have 12 days left to solve all of immigration. I’m not that confident. I wouldn’t even trust them to get out of an escape room in 12 days.

“Also Schumer only agreed to this temporary deal because Mitch McConnell promised to finally address the issue of DACA. But trusting Mitch McConnell to keep a promise is like trusting Stevie Wonder to perform a bris.”

Michael Che went in on Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

“Senator Schumer said that before his meeting with President Trump on immigration reform, he insisted that White House adviser Stephen Miller not be allowed in the room,” Che said. “But Miller usually scatters away whenever someone turns the lights on. Because he looks like a roach. Stephen Miller looks like he has a sex doll named ‘Mother.’”

This week’s Weekend Update guests included “SNL” host Will Ferrell as economics expert Jacob Silj and cast member Heidi Gardner as teen YouTube movie critic Bailey Gismert. Those who recall Ferrell’s days as an “SNL” cast member may recall his Silj character, who suffers from what he calls “Voice Immodulation Syndrome” — a condition that makes him shout everything he says.