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‘SNL’ Weekend Update’s Colin Jost: ‘Trump Is Basically Carmen Sandiego’ (Video)

”At least with all the Mueller stuff we’re learning a lot about geography,“ Jost joked

Considering this week’s news from Donald Trump’s White House was a cavalcade of chaos, Weekend Update on “SNL” had a lot of ground to cover. And hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che managed to run down the bulk of it — from Kim Jong-un’s invitation to President Trump hating on video games — in the opening part of the segment, hopping from topic to topic with almost reckless abandon.

One of the topics they hit was Trump’s alleged attempt to open a secret back channel to communicate with the Russian government when the POTUS’ transition official met with a man who had ties to the Kremlin in the Seychelles, a meeting that apparently has piqued the interest of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“This week it was revealed that in January of 2017 a secret meeting took place in the Seychelles between a Trump associate and an official from the United Arab Emirates and a banker with ties to the Kremlin. So, sounds innocent,” Jost said. “At least with all the Mueller stuff we’re learning a lot about geography. Trump is basically Carmen Sandiego. Except he wants to deport anyone with a name like Carmen Sandiego.”

Another item was the resignation of Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn after Trump made it clear he was not going to change his mind on ordering new import tariffs on steel and aluminum and maybe start a trade war.

“Gary Cohn resigned as the White House’s top economic adviser. Cohn hopes to work somewhere a little less chaotic than the White House, like, I don’t know, a Walmart on Black Friday?” Che said.

“In response to his resignation, the Dow Jones fell more than 300 points. Now, 300 points sounds like a lot but keep in mind I have no idea what the hell the Dow Jones is. I react to the Dow the same way I react to my boys when they tell me they’re about to have a kid. I’m like, ‘Word, how you feel about that?'”

Later in Weekend Update, Mikey Day and Alex Moffat stopped by to do their ever-popular impressions of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump ostensibly to talk about chaos in the White House, but that plan was quickly derailed when Eric became terrified by a pop-up picture book.

You can watch all these jokes from this week’s “SNL” Weekend Update and more in the videos embedded below, or on the “SNL” YouTube.