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‘SNL': Weekend Update Host Michael Che Goes Undercover as a Liberal White Woman (Video)

Che prepared for the transformation by reading Huffington Post and a Lena Dunham book

During this week’s edition of Weekend Update on “SNL,” co-host Michael Che had to make a confession.

“You know, here on Weekend Update I’ll tell a joke that offends a marginalized group and I’ll get a lot of mail about it, mostly from super liberal white women,” Che said.

To try to correct whatever issue he might have with that particular demographic, Che decided there was only one thing for him to do — go undercover as a liberal white woman named Gretchen.

While Che dons a blonde wig and wears white lady clothes, he doesn’t shave his whiskers, put on makeup or adjust the manner in which he speaks — no exaggerated white girl voice like in the movie “White Girls” here.

The big punchline comes near the end of the bit, where he had to handle “guys trying to mansplain my issues to me,” Che said. “I lost my temper a few times over that.”

Cut to Che sitting at a dinner table with Chris Redd, Heidi Gardner and Alex Moffat.

“White men have it just as hard as anybody else!” Moffat’s character yelled. After Che told him to “check your privilege, dude,” Moffat proceeded to make a condescending sexist comment, prompting an angry Che to tell the person sitting next to him to “hold my Warbys” before declaring: “Your masculinity is mad toxic right now, my n—-.”

You can watch the full digital short above.