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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Host Michael Che: Trump, Kim Jong-un Meeting Could Be ‘Greatest Episode of Scared Straight Ever’ (Video)

Che says that President Donald Trump is maybe not quite prepared to face a dictator who’s had his own family members murdered

The Weekend Update segment of this week’s “SNL” kicked off by talking about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s invitation to President Donald Trump to meet and discuss his country’s potential nuclear disarmament.

“In a stunning turn of events, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agreed to meet in May with Donald Trump, or whoever is president in May,” co-host Colin Jost said to begin the discussion. “Trump would be the first sitting U.S. president to meet with the leader of North Korea. And it’s also going to be the first time where both translators start every sentence with, ‘OK, so what I think he said was…'”

Like Colbert on Thursday night, Jost also couldn’t resist getting in a Dennis Rodman joke.

“I just love that a potential nuclear war is hanging in the balance and we’re putting our lives in the hands of the only two guys connected on Dennis Rodman’s LinkedIn page,” Jost said before tossing it over to Che.

“Experts warn that talks between Trump and Kim Jong-un could be risky, because duh,” Che said. “Best case scenario is they’ll realize they’re both crazy and become best friends like the movie ‘Step Brothers.'”

Then Che compared the upcoming meeting to an episode of the A&E reality series about terrifying at-risk teens taken away from a life of crime.

“But more than likely Donald Trump is going to realize that he’s just Twitter crazy and Kim Jong-un is crazy crazy,” Che continued. “There’s a big old difference. One guy trolls Oprah online. The other guy murdered his uncle with a cannon. This could end up being the greatest episode of ‘Scared Straight’ ever. What do you think Trump is going to say at dinner when they tell him he’s eating disrespectful limo driver?”

It being the insanely busy week it was in the Trump White House, Weekend Update on “SNL” went a mile a minute from there — dealing with the continuing Stormy Daniels saga, the resignation of Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, the Trump administration’s alleged attempt to set up a secret back channel with Russia in the Seychelles, and Trump blaming video games for gun violence.

And that’s just in the first four minutes.

Weekend Update also brought us a very welcome pair of guests: Mikey Day and Alex Moffat as Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. You can watch this portion of Weekend Update in the embedded video below, or on YouTube.

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