‘SNL’ Advertises a Deodorant for the Many Men Sweating Sexual Misconduct Allegations (Video)

The #TIMESUP movement gets a shout-out in this “SNL” digital short about how creepy and terrible men are

The digital short in this week’s “SNL” was one long gag about the many men who have faced sexual misconduct scandals recently and advertises a deodorant that will help other guys avoid sweating when allegations against them surface.

“Yeah, I’m a guy. The way I sweat, my regular deodorant just wasn’t cutting it anymore,” this week’s host Will Ferrell said in the short. “I work hard and I play hard, and something’s coming out about me real soon because I’m next.”

Narration from “SNL” cast member Beck Bennett made it clear what was being hawked: “Introducing Next, the only antiperspirant for men who are feeling the heat because their time’s up.” At which point the hashtag #TIMESUP displayed on the screen over a graphic of the stick of deodorant. You can watch the full video embedded above.

“In my line of work, sweat comes with the job. And ever since those rumors came out about me, it got a lot worse,” says cast member Kyle Mooney, playing a comedian about to do a stand up routing at a comedy club.

“Hey, how’s everybody doing tonight? [many cell phones in the audience start ringing with notifications about Mooney’s character being accused of sexual harassment] Oh boy, it’s happening. But not under here,” Mooney says, pointing to his armpit.

Up next, Alex Moffat playing an actor on a red carpet.

“As an actor, I need an antiperspirant that’s gonna keep working with me because no one else will,” Moffat says, as he approaches an interviewer who questions him about sexual misconduct allegations. To which he answers: “Lots of women are brave but this one, um, is a liar. And no comment.”

Later, Ferrell returned to say that Next deodorant also features “just a little bit of Klonopin because these next few weeks are going to stink.”