Snoop Dogg Backs Striking Writers, Blasts Studio Accounting: ‘That S—t Don’t Add Up’ (Video)

The rapper called on streamerson to help “track this money down”

Snoop Dogg
Getty Images

Writers and artists, Snoop Dogg has your back: While speaking at the  2023 Milken Institute Global Conference on May 3, the rapper went “off-script” to back the striking WGA members and any artist who isn’t getting their fair share of streaming revenue.

He addressed the attendees in video you can watch below, saying, “I don’t know who the f—k is running the stream industry, if you in here or not? But maybe you need to give us some information on how to f—king track this money down. Because one plus one ain’t adding up to two. That s—t don’t add up.”

The rapper and actor went on to equate the struggles musicians face with that of the striking writers, pointing out that it’s easier to track sales of box office tickets or physical media than for digital streaming. “It’s not working for the artist right now and I just want to speak to that. That’s f—ked up… The writers are striking because [with] streaming, they can’t get paid.”

He added, “That’s the main gripe with a lot of us artists is that we do major numbers with streams and this s—t but they don’t add up to the money. Like, where the f—k is the money?”

The crowd laughed when he said, “I know I’m going off-script right now, but f—k it. This is business. In a room full of business people and somebody may hear this [and do something] so the next artist don’t have to struggle and cry for his money because some of these artists are streaming millions and millions and millions and millions of f—king streams and they don’t got no millions of dollars in the pot.”

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