Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart Are the Olympic Commentators We Need: ‘Look at That Horse, He’s Crip-Walking’ (Video)

Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart’s Tokyo Olympics commentary is a must-watch

Olympic Highlights With Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg

For fans of Snoop Dogg’s “Plizzanet Earth” narration, we present another instant classic in the legendary rapper’s comedic repertoire: Snoop Dogg narration of the Olympics — with the help of Kevin Hart.  

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, tapped the duo to host a special aptly titled, “Olympic Highlights With Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg,”  in which the unlikely duo comment on random, out-of-context clips from the Tokyo Games. The result is as hilarious as you’d expect. 

Two clips from the show began circulating on Twitter Saturday, the first from the Olympic Games’ equestrian event, which quickly caught Snoop’s attention.

“Horses. I like this. This is equestrian,” Snoop begins before exclaiming, “Oh, the horse crip-walking, cuh! You see that? On the set! That’s gangsta as a motherf—er.”

Snoop continued to praise the hoofed Olympian’s deft trotting, cracking up his co-host all the while.“Aw man, this horse is off the chain! I gotta get this motherf—er in a video!” the rapper said.

That tickled Hart even more.

“Horse crip-walking is officially in the Olympics.” Hart said. 

The other widely retweeted clip from the special is a tad raunchier. Earlier in the same episode from Friday, Snoop and Hart watched skeet-shooting (which apparently is an official event) when, um, this is what was said. 

“Gold medals for skeet shooting?” Snoop asks. “I got a couple gold medals in skeet shooting but not that kind of skeeting.” 

Hart attempts to derail Snoop Dogg’s train of thought but fails.

“But I do skeet skeet!” he continued. “Skeet skeet motherf—er!” 

Hart can’t help but snicker and neither can we. 

“Olympic Highlights With Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg” is produced by Hart’s LOL Studios.


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