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Snoop Lion Teaches Larry King to Rap About Dinner, Baseball and Peanut Butter (Video)

Snoop talks peanut butter: "Skippy is live, too"

Stop what you're doing, and enjoy one of the most pleasant interactions you'll see today.

In a visit to Snoop Lion's Tha Double Gangsta Hood News Network, Larry King asked Snoop to teach him to rap. He should have asked him about reggae, because that's Snoop's thing now, but all is forgiven, because what follows is a delight.

King says he wants to be the first Jewish rapper, forgetting about such notables as the Beastie Boys and MC Paul Barman. Again, all's forgiven.

Snoop begins by asking King to list his favorite things. They include dinner for two — or six — baseball, his kids, and peanut butter. (Is this how Snoop wrote "Gin and Juice?") They talk about the best peanut butter brands. Snoop likes Jif.

"Skippy is live too," adds the Doggfather.

King chokes on Snoop's second-hand smoke, and then: a musical miracle happens. It turns out Snoop has been turning King's likes into rhymes. And soon King joins in.

"I'm with the Lion and I he loves to sing," writes Snoop.

King completes the line: "How 'bout a little ring-a-ding-ding?"

He adds, "I'm better than you!"

Well, getting there.

Watch the video (and if you're at work, stopping watching at the six-minute mark):

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