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‘Snowpiercer': The Revolution Comes Face to Face With Mr Wilford in Season 2 Trailer (Video)

TNT drama returns Monday, Jan. 25

“Snowpiercer” Season 2 is set to premiere Monday, Jan. 25 on TNT, the network announced during a panel for the show at New York Comic-Con on Thursday.

A new trailer released during the panel introduces new cast member Sean Bean as Mr. Wilford, who has come to restore order on his world-spanning train in the wake of Season 1’s revolution.

The new premiere date comes just a few months after the first season wrapped its 10-episode run back in July. The long-delayed series was picked up for a second season before the first hit the air earlier this year and had begun filming before the coronavirus pandemic caused production to shut down.

In addition to Bean, the second season will also see “Girl Meets World” alum Rowan Blanchard join the series as a new cast member, starring alongside Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs. Here is the full description for Season 2:

At the end of season one, the survivors of the revolution are trying to pick up the pieces and maintain a fragile peace amongst the now merged classes with Layton (Diggs) emerging as the train’s leader. Discovering Mr. Wilford (Bean) is alive and headed their way on a rival train, Melanie (Connelly) risks going outside to prevent him from invading Snowpiercer. While she’s out there, it’s revealed that Alexandra (Blanchard), Melanie’s daughter, who she thought had died, is alive and has become Wilford’s dedicated protegee. In season two, an entirely new power struggle emerges, causing a dangerous rift as people are divided between their loyalty to Layton and to Mr. Wilford, who has a new train, new technology and a game plan that keeps everyone guessing. While Layton battles Wilford for the soul of Snowpiercer, Melanie leads the charge on a shocking new discovery that could change the fate of humanity.

“Snowpiercer” is executive produced by Graeme Manson, Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements; Matthew O’Connor, Ben Rosenblatt and Scott Derrickson; along with CJ Entertainment and the original film’s producers Bong Joon Ho, Miky Lee, Tae-sung Jeong, Park Chan-wook, Lee Tae-hun and Dooho Choi. The series is produced by Tomorrow Studios.