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COVID Mutates in First Trailer for Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller ‘Songbird’ (Video)

KJ Apa and Sofia Carson star in the movie directed by Adam Mason

COVID-19 mutates to COVID-23 four years into quarantine in the first trailer to Michael Bay’s pandemic thriller “Songbird.”

“Songbird” was one of the first features to film in Los Angeles since productions shut down in mid-March, and recently wrapped production. It’s a pandemic thriller that stars KJ Apa and Sofia Carson alongside Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare, Jenna Ortega, Alexandra Daddario, Paul Water Hauser and Demi Moore.

“Into the Dark” filmmaker Adam Mason directed “Songbird” utilizing creative camera techniques made to prevent actors from having face-to-face interaction with one another while on camera, all while actors were separated from crew as filming took place. SAG-AFTRA at first issued a Do Not Work notice against the film, but the guild soon lifted that restriction.

Mason also co-wrote the script with Simon Boyes, which takes place two years into the future as a more serious virus continues to mutate and lockdowns have been re-implemented across the country. The film centers around an essential worker, played by Apa, who has a rare immunity to the virus and who delivers goods between the cities two halves of haves and have-nots, but who also has to contend with how to be with the one he loves while she’s still locked within her home.

Producers of the film are Michael Bay, Marcei A. Brown, Jason Clark, Jeanette Volturno, Adam Goodman​, Andrew Sugerman, Eben Davidson

The synopsis for the film is as follows:

In the terrifying thriller SONGBIRD, the COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of lockdown. Infected Americans are ripped from their homes and forced into quarantine camps known as Q-Zones, from which there is no escape, as a few brave souls fight back against the forces of oppression. Amid this dystopian landscape, a fearless courier, Nico (KJ Apa), who’s immune to the deadly pathogen, finds hope and love with Sara (Sofia Carson), though her lockdown prohibits them from physical contact. When Sara is believed to have become infected, Nico races desperately across the barren streets of Los Angeles in search of the only thing that can save her from imprisonment … or worse.

STX Films will release “Songbird” after acquiring the film over the summer.

Watch the trailer is also available or here.