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Sony’s Amy Pascal Gets Bombarded by Paparazzi at LAX (Video)

When asked if the success of ”The Interview“ would ”save“ her job, the new media star replied, ”I hope so“

Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal experienced a day in the life of paparazzi magnets like Lindsay Lohan when she arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday.

The powerful Hollywood executive, who has gained notoriety in the general public since her studio was attacked by hackers linked to North Korea , was bombarded by paparazzi after landing.

A TMZ cameraman captured the chaos, and joined in by asking Pascal, accompanied by her husband Bernard Weinraub, about topics ranging from President Barack Obama’s advice to her job security.

When asked whether or not the $15 million online gross of “The Interview,” as well as the $2.8 million theatrical box office will “save” her job, Pascal responded “I hope so,” while trying to escape the questioners.

Pascal, who appeared to be overwhelmed by the attention, otherwise ignored the rest of the questions.

“Everything is great,” she said.

Watch the video.