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Sony Enters ‘Terminator’ Bidding

Studio competing with Lions Gate to acquire killer-robots-from-the-future franchise from bankrupt Halcyon Group

Sony has entered the bidding for the rights to make future “Terminator” movies, an official familiar with the auction process confirmed.

Bids are due in Friday, with FTI Consulting handling the auctioning for the bankrupt owner to the rights, the Halcyon Group. The auction will be held Monday in FTI’s Los Angeles offices, with a bankruptcy judge set to approve the resulting deal later in the week.

Sony released internationally the last two movies in the killer-robots-from-the-future franchise, 2003’s “Terminator: Rise of the Machines” and last year’s “Terminator: Salvation.”

Last month, Lions Gate made a bid for the franchise, offering up $15 million and 5 percent of future revenue for the right to do future “Terminator” movies.

Lions Gate’s “stalking horse” bid requires any competitor to offer up at least $15.95 million. And if that competitor wins, it must pay Lions Gate a breakup fee of $450,000.

Warner Bros., which released “Rise of the Machines” and “Salvation” in North America, has not entered the bidding.