Sony Turns CinemaCon Into a Real Lion’s Den

The studio brought lions — live ones — to the lobby of Colosseum on Wednesday afternoon

Sony got beastly at CinemaCon on Wednesday afternoon: The studio brought caged lions to the Las Vegas Colosseum for its presentation to exhibitors at the annual trade show. No word on whether Siegfried or Roy were in the vicinity. 

 It was for their summer blockbuster "Zookeeper," starring Kevin James, the Paul Blart dude, and some talking animals.

The movie went over so dimly with the exhibitor's audience (many of whom filed out) that it was a good thing there were wild animals in the lobby as a distraction.

More entertaining was watching distribution chief Rory Brueur get peed on by a baby bear while up on stage in front of the exhibition community.

Also in attendance: a boa constricter and an alligator.