Sophia Loren Slams Hollywood Selfie Culture for Replacing ‘Skill and Talent’

“My era of Hollywood was much better,” Oscar-winning actress says

Sophia Loren, an iconic actress and Oscar winner, does not think much of today’s selfie culture.

“In my time, an actress’ merit and skill was based on her talent,” Loren told Page Six. “Now when people meet me, they pull out their phones to take pictures. I do not know much about social media, but it seems that that’s what makes people more famous. My era of Hollywood was much better. You were known for your skill and talent.”

Loren, who starred in such films as “It Started in Naples” and “Marriage Italian Style,” also cautioned young stars about rushing into plastic surgery.

“These young girls really need to be more careful and selective of what they are doing to their bodies and their faces,” she said. “I mean, you do not know for sure if you are going to a good doctor… you can end up looking worse than what you thought you originally were.”

Nevertheless, social media is proving to be a very profitable venture for some these days. Video game commenter PewDiePie recently topped the list of highest-paid YouTube stars, raking in $12 million in the last year.