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Does ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Spider-Man is officially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so does that mean his first MCU movie teases future films?

After “Captain America: Civil War,” Spider-Man is back in the Marvel fold. And even though Spider-Man is still a resident of Sony and not Marvel Studios, as he has been since the Sam Raimi films started in 2002, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is a full entry into the MCU, connecting with the story of Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and the rest of the Avengers.

MCU movies are well-known for their post-credits teases for future films. With “Spider-Man: Homecoming” joining the cinematic universe, everyone who wants to leave their seat when the credits roll will be wondering: Should you stay for a post-credits scene?

The answer, as with all the MCU movies, is yes. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” includes two scenes that pop up during the credits. The first happens midway through the credits and gives hints at Spider-Man’s future. The second comes all the way at the end, and while it doesn’t advance the Marvel Cinematic Universe story, it’s still worth hanging around to see.

Spoilers for the post-credits scene beyond this point!

The first mid-credits scene of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” gives an idea of what’s in store for Spidey in his next movie. In the movie, villain Vulture (Michael Keaton) tried to sell weapons to burgeoning bad guy Mac Gargan (Michael Mando), but Spider-Man intervened. Gargan got captured, and in the mid-credits scene, Gargan meets up with Vulture in prison and asks Vulture who Spider-Man really is.

Vulture chooses not to tell him, but Gargan is still on the warpath to take down Spider-Man. And comic fans will know the significance of that name: Gargan is the villain who becomes Scorpion, one of Spider-Man’s worst enemies. (He also later becomes Venom, the creature created by melding a human with an evil alien symbiote.) That suggests we can expect at least Scorpion coming after Spider-Man in the future. For more about Scorpion, read this primer.

There’s also the suggestion that with Scorpion, Vulture and Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) showing up in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Spider-Man might be facing the villain team called the Sinister Six in the future as well.

The second scene pops up at the end of the movie and features Captain America (Chris Evans) in a self-aware joke about post-credits scenes. Referencing his other cameos in the movie in which he helps teach young kids about physical and sex education, Cap makes a joke about waiting patiently for something that never comes. Such as sitting all the way through the credits of a movie when you have to pee only to be given a lecture about the virtue of patience. It’s a great joke.

The scene isn’t a tease for another MCU movie, but it does perfectly skewer post-credits scenes in much the same way “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” did. That movie included no fewer than five post-credits scenes.

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